The goal of the National Association of Professional Movers is to protect consumers and businesses by providing a report card on each Moving Company.

We empower consumers by allowing them to verify as much information as possible about the Moving Company they are evaluating and submit reviews and surveys on their experiences.

If your business has an email address on file, our free third-party dispute resolution service will send you an email if any complaints are filed so that you may respond to the complaint and hopefully resolve any customer complaints before they escalate.

If you believe that the customer is always right, then come join us!

Thousands of consumers across our network use our research reports and read our reviews every single day.

You can submit updates for outdated information about your business for free using the submit update button on your trust report page or become a NAOPM member by submitting your information at the bottom of this page.

NAOPM members agree to maintain the highest level of customer service possible at all times and resolve any customer complaints in a timely fashion.

We research all new member applications with state and local governments as well as third-party sites. If approved your NAOPM report will reflect your accredited status and we may recommend your business to our visitors in searches and third-party websites.

Membership is 100% Free - We require members to display a small trusted by NAOPM seal on their website homepage along with a link to their trust report to show customers their commitment to customer dispute resolution and information security. This must be done within 72 hours of receipt of your temporary approval email or your accreditation status will be revoked by our automated system.

You can apply for free NAOPM accreditation using the button below.